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Prof. Michael Wolpe, an Israeli composer, born in 1960 Tel Aviv, has been a member of Kibbutz Sde-Boker for the last 30 years. He studied composition in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and in Cambridge University in England. He is also a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he wrote his PhD about the British Symphony during the mid-twentieth-century.

Wolpe's compositions encompass a wide variety of genres: symphonic, vocal, chamber, and dramatic. 

Among his recent works area cycle of six symphonic poems based on Mediterranean material, a series of concerts for various solo folk instruments and orchestra, and a broad composition for a big chamber ensemble.


Wolpe has been awarded several prizes, including The Composers' Union Prize and the Prime Minister's Prize' and The ACUM (artistic rights union) Honorary Prize for his whole artistic activity.

He has released several CD 's of his music, among them his cello concerto, which has been highly acclaimed also in Israel, Europe, Canada and the US.

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